I began with a fairly solid idea of what I was going to do and 10 beautiful scallops. These were fresh not frozen, but I put them in a colander for about an hour or so to drain away any extra liquid and to get them closer to room temperature. Scallops will get that lovely caramelized thing happening if they are dry and not too cold when they go in the pan. If they are cold and wet, you get boiled scallops. That’s yucky.

I knew I was going to make zoodles and a sauce that would involve scallions and garlic, butter and cream. Hey you can’t go wrong with those things ever!

This is the huge zucchini that I got at the Farmer’s Market this morning. One was MORE than enough. Here I sliced it in half to use on the Spiroolie.

Three scallions that had almost seen their prime.

But they sliced up nicely and were perfect for the sauce.

Butter makes a wonderful base for any cream sauce.

I’d normally use fresh Garlic but at the beach I hate the glass cutting boards and cringe at my knife blade each chop, so I have pity on myself and use this garlic paste.

I had a last minute idea and chopped some tomato.

and just dropped them right in with the noodles to sauté .

Surprisingly good cream that we get here from Boulineau’s

Look at all those colors! It looks great already!

Oh, even better! The cream is beginning to thicken a bit, though I feel I should have cooked the noodles longer as they were still releasing liquid at this point.

I put the noodles and sauce in a casserole dish and topped it with some Mozzarella. Ideally I would have used Parmesan, but you know, I’m not at home and this is what I had. It worked.

I rinsed the pan that I used for the zoodles, tossed in some butter and again on a whim, quickly diced some shallots. That was a good move!

Into the pan with the scallops. I tried NOT to crowd them, it was a big pan, ideally I should have cooked five at a time, but I’m not patient that way. I had a minor melt down searching for tongs to flip them over and then once we found them, decided a small spatula and my fingers were the better way to go.

Look at these lovelies! Not quite three minutes on each side and they were done! How fast is that?

Another last minute thought, lemon, butter and parsley. I was working so fast though, I forgot to take a pic of the parsley as I chopped it. You’ll forgive me this once? What I did; melted butter in the pan after plating the Scallops, squeezed in half a lemon and stirred in a handful of fresh parsley that I minced. That’s it.

No fancy plating needed, this combination made its own beauty.

Look at that sauce!

A quick picture of the plate on the table before checking my stop watch.

And there you have it! Scallops and Zoodles in less time than Rachael Ray can get a meal on the table! Say you are impressed, I am.